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About Knightwatch

We acknowledge that Nepean High School is on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation. We would like to thank them for their continued stewardship of this territory on Turtle Island post-colonially known as Ottawa. We appreciate that their connection and presence here reaches back to time immemorial. We recognize the historical and current suppression of Indigenous voices in the media and elsewhere, so as a school newspaper, we are committed to providing an open and safe platform for Indigenous students to share their writing and artwork.

Knightwatch is Nepean High School’s online newspaper, written by students, for students. Anyone at our school is welcome to share with us their creations, which we publish in our monthly issues. We accept articles, poetry, short stories, reviews, photography, artwork, music, and anything else really. Our goal is to provide NHS students with a platform to show off their creativity and be inspired by the projects of their peers.
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Sup nerds. My name is Hugh, and I am one of this year’s co editors for Knightwatch. I enjoy math, drama, board games, volleyball, and of course ultimate frisbee. I am currently in grade 12, and I hope to study computer science after high school.


Hello :) I’m Olivia and I’m the other co editor this year for Knightwatch! I’ve always loved writing and reading and I’m interested in the social sciences or legal field for post secondary education. I have a lot of hobbies like cooking, knitting, biking, canoeing, and ultimate.


Hi! I'm Nick. I lead the production of this website. I'm a passionate young developer with a love for tech! I've been programming since the second grade, building everything from small operating systems to 3D web experiences. You can read more about my experiences at


Hey, my name’s Khalid and I’m one of the web developers for Knightwatch. I enjoy math, programming, and physics, and video games(among us and genshin impact are my favourite!) Currently in grade 12, and I hope to study computer science and physics after high school.


Hey y’all! My name is Nina and I'm one of Knightwatch’s junior editors. I love reading, writing, theatre, social justice and music. I’m in grade 11 and am planning on studying sociology and anthropology in uni.


My name is Serena, and I am one of this year's junior editors for Knightwatch. My favourite subjects are English, Drama and History. I'm currently in grade 11, and I would love to continue as a filmmaker after high school.


Hi, I’m Ella! I’m in grade 9, and I am super excited to work as one of Knightwatch’s junior editors this year. Inside and outside of school, I enjoy reading, writing, and music. After high school, I hope to study to become an English teacher.