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Honouring Black Canadians (Collection)
Multiple Artists /  Fri, 22 Apr 2022

Honouring Tracy Moore

By Audrey McCullough

Honouring Lincoln M. Alexander

By Brayden Saxe

Lillian Allen Asserts Her Vision and Creates Beauty in the World

By Jenna Zaitlin

Honouring Oscar Peterson

By Jack Mandel

A Tribute to John Ware

By Jasmine Burrill

Celebrating Salome Bey

By Grace Nicol

Honouring Anson Carter

By Emily Nicol

Honouring Chika Stacy

By Jana Alnakeeb

Celebrating Eleanor Collins: "Give It All You Got"

By Jaida Lawson

Celebration of Artist Joan Butterfield

By Rayna Marcantonio