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Message to Indigenous Artists!
Ms. Samuels /  Tue, 02 Nov 2021

Kwe, she:kon, waciye, aanii, boozhoo, aingai

The NHS community would like to showcase the amazing Indigenous artists at the school! Moving forward we will have a spot to highlight any art an Indigenous student creates in Knightwatch, the student newspaper. This can be done as a special piece once in a while or on a more regular basis. Artists are welcome to submit a clear photo of their creations, as well as a brief explanation of the piece and their name as they would like it displayed with the submission (you may choose to remain anonymous and/or not to submit a written explanation). Submissions should be sent through our Google Form, accessible on our Instagram page or the “About Knightwatch” section of this website. The exact deadline changes each month, however it’s usually in the third week.

In addition, we are hoping to have an art piece printed on orange shirts for upcoming events such as Indigenous Heritage Month in June and next September 30th. We will be working with a printing company in Kitigan Zibi and the proceeds will be donated to the organization of the student's choice. If this interests you, please reach out to Ms. Samuels ( or in room 409) for more information.

Meegweetch, nyaweh, miigwech, quannamik, thank you, merci!