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Diverse Student Union (DSU)
Club /  Fri, 05 Nov 2021

Club Description: Our mission statement: DSU's goal is to disrupt racism, to support cultural diversity, and to develop advocates for equity and social justice. We seek to dismantle mental and physical segregation and create an environment of unity and understanding. Above all, we aim to provide a safe and open space for members to share their thoughts and experiences.

The Diverse Student Union was established as the Black History Month Club, in which members would work together to organize the Black History Month Assembly. While we now go by a different name and do many other things, including topical discussions and reflective activities, Black History Month continues to be our most important event. In fact, we will be starting our organization for the event very soon! Additionally, this year, COVID permitting, we would love to start Multicultural Night, another major DSU event, back up again. This event presents an opportunity for people to explore and celebrate different foods, music, clothing, and art from around the world. It highlights the rich diversity within the Nepean community, which DSU is all about!

Students (and teachers) are more than welcome to join at any point of the year and attend any of the meetings. We are always excited to welcome any new members to the community!

Meeting Time: DSU meets every second week on Wednesdays, in the auditorium at lunch. Our next meet will be on Wednesday, December 1st and everyone is welcome :)

Google Classroom Code: 3kuf3ki