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Key Club
Club /  Tue, 02 Nov 2021

Club Description: Key Club is centered around leading volunteering projects for the community. Every week, club members will collect volunteer hours in meetings. We provide high school students with opportunities, so you can get your 40 hours of volunteer hours easily and steadily. You can expect projects such as making cards for isolated seniors, writing letters to soldiers on Remembrance day and creative project collaborations with organizations such as the Good Companions, Kiwanis, and local family centres. To adapt to this year's standards, we are holding our meetings online. This way, members can earn their volunteer hours while feeling safe but keeping the same close community!

Did you know? Key Club has been at Nepean High school since 1952, making it the oldest Key Club in our district.

Nepean Key Club is tied to service to the community on a much greater scale. We get a taste of this scale when we attend Key Club rallies, where we meet other Key Clubbers from across Ottawa, Eastern Canada, or even internationally! I encourage you to take advantage of clubs being online this year, because during club rallies, it's so cool how you can talk to someone in Japan, or Sweden, just from your room! No traveling fee. ;)

Meeting Time: We meet every Wednesday in a safe space online, at 4 PM after school. Our meetings are open and friendly. Anyone can pop in to earn volunteer hours during the meet, where we provide initiatives. We accept new members at any time during the school year!

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