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Empty Activism (a poem)
Tess Burnett /  Sun, 20 Mar 2022

You wear the shirt.

But do you know?

Know What it means?

Know Where it’s from?

Know who suffers?

The equivalent of niceties.

You do what's expected so you aren't judged. Fit in.

Blend in.

Be one with the herd.

But do nothing for those who aren't you. Empty actions.

Empty words.

Empty activism.

You wear the shirt, you share a post. What is it for?

For popularity?

For your gain?

For you?

It isn't for you.

It’s for others.

You wear the shirt, you share a post, you say #Let’sTalk That's fine, but what about the rest of the year?

What about those who plaster on a smile every day? What about those who can't anymore?

What about those who can't do anything at all?

Are you really listening? Do you really care?

Or is it just

Empty activism.