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My Voice
Arielle VL /  Mon, 22 Nov 2021

I’m suffocating in all the restrictions

Six feet apart huh? Well how about six under with a triple layer mask on

The ground over top pulling

never pushing you out

You scream and scream but no one can hear you

because you're




You don’t know who put you there

All you heard was someone eating a bat, or was it a fish? mushroom?

Who the hell knows

Not i

You're stuck there going nowhere but down

You're in the ocean but you don’t know which way is up

And you still have that damn mask on

Always the mask

never the people,

I’ve seen more masks than people

And when i do they whisper that

Don't worry it’ll be over soon


by soon i mean by the time

You are


People say there's nowhere to go but up

Lying evil privileged perfect people

There is nowhere to go but up right? Then why is it when i

Get up, I'm only pushed farther down? Down down Down

If only the numbers would do that

Nah they have no problem with that saying

Quite the opposite actually

They do up i go down down down

Teachers will say

Go ahead be alone with your thoughts maybe you’ll find something that wasn't there before

Oh i found something

i found different sides of me

One that wants to push everyone away never let anyone in

That wants to take the bottled up anger, frustration, on something anything

Who cares if that something happens to be yourself

It take all my effort to not let that one take over

To let that one take over would mean dying and coming back a


One who doesn't know reason, restraint or the word stop

That one is the grenade

More like an atomic bomb actually

One shift

one plug pulled

One button pushed one too many times


One of my sides is even worse than that one

This one just wants to give up

This one just wants to get out of this

This one just wants to be heard

To stop being told that your tone of voice is “rude”

Or not very nice

Who cares my tone of voice is “rude”

I speak the truth

You know something is the truth when it hurts

When it’s so full of passion that it can't be contained

This voice just wants to be heard

When it's ignored it sinks deeper and deeper into despair

What's the point of speaking if you’re an ant and everyone else is a giant

Even if you screamed and they lifted you up to their ear

you could never be heard

This voice can’t do anything and that just makes it fade

taking a piece of me with it

The last voice isn't a voice.

It’s a bottle

That bottle is full of all the voices and emotions that no one will listen to

They just shoved in there

Why? Because






Or if they do they don't care

Don’t care

Don’t care

Don’t care

They just don't care

Their words just rip into you

You try to explain how you feel but

they don't listen

Another emotion in the bottle

They don't have time

Another emotion in the bottle

Soon it will crack then it will break

I will have no control

I will crack then break

Bye bye

If only someone had listened to me

If only someone had told me that my opinion matters

If only someone had stopped telling me to

Stop being defensive

And listened

To me


Just maybe

Things would

Have ended