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November (A Poem)
Grade 9 Student /  Tue, 02 Nov 2021

What is November?

To me

November is…

The soft taste of hard-earned chocolate melting on your tongue

When we leave the ghosts behind, and welcome the winter holidays that have just begun

When the air loses it’s love

Forcing you to find warmth on your own so you pile coats and toques and gloves

When the moon rises before you’re finished with the sun

With Winter Solstice in a month

When reds and oranges and yellows have fallen from the trees

And their barren branches loom with the ground covered in dead debris

When the first snowflake flutters down from the sky

And you smile in awe at your younger brother and then dance at the first sign

November is studying for exams and working on projects and taking notes

Two weeks off, it’s oh so far, but oh so close

When you sip hot tea and scribble along

Trying to focus while nodding along to another catchy song

When you settle into a routine

A few months in, but still just as keen

Finding a rhythm to your chaotic dance of a life

As you shimmy alongside your teachers, and your classmates that you’ve grown to really like

When your dad’s fingers fly over the piano and hit every key

To play a beautiful Christmas tune with precision and speed

That is what November is to me