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The Ballad Of A Very Confusing Afternoon
Natasha Mazerolle /  Sun, 17 Oct 2021

On a Thursday, the sun shone bright,

A cool breeze drifted through the air.

The students sat in their school,

A half hour left, they could hardly bear.

A loud screech ripped into ears

And all of the students stood.

They walked outside calmly,

They did what they should.

For autumn, it was too hot.

The day felt rather wry.

It felt worse when a cop

And a fire truck stopped by.

The students blocked the road,

A woman was trapped.

The crowd parted like a river,

Then everyone clapped.

In front of the school,

Something zany was on display.

For an old woman had hit someone’s car

And then drove away.

Finally, the event reached its end.

The students went back to class.

The alarm was pulled by

A fan sensor, a situation quite crass.