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Book Review: Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline
Kailash R. /  Fri, 17 Dec 2021


What do you get when you combine a thrilling plot, action, Métis culture, and a bit of romance? You get Métis author Cherie Dimaline’s Empire of Wild. This book is a must read for everyone. With a vast variety of topics and themes, not only is it perfect for everybody, it is an inspirational story which might just open your mind. Not only that but, it has incredible complexity in the characters. Most characters of importance are well rounded and each one introduces both admirable, and not so admirable qualities which further allows a person to feel like they are real people. Most importantly, it takes on many stereotypes of Métis people in Canada, and provides a window into some of the problems that face people in towns like Arcand. A great example is how many people in Arcand are struggling between desperately needing money, but finding that the only places that will give them the pay that they need are government jobs that are taking Indigenous land and killing the earth. Except, this problem isn’t just fiction. It is a real problem that many indigenous and métis towns face today all across Canada. In conclusion, Cherie Dimaline’s Empire of Wild not only is a perfect fit for everyone, but it also contains incredible complexity, combines Métis legend with contemporary times and gives a window to many problems that face Métis people across Canada. It is the perfect book!

This review was part of the Battle of the Books competition.

Empire of Wild is available at the Nepean High School library.