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Book Review: Fake I.D. by Lamar Giles
Rami Badran /  Thu, 09 Dec 2021

Here is my project!

Lamar Giles is an African-American who started writing books at the age of 14. He wrote a book called Fake I.D. which is a murder mystery adventure that takes place in a small town called Stepton. This book draws your attention and takes you deep in a scary and adventurous murder mystery. This book has a mafia behind this crime and sadly Nick’s dad was a part of his friends murder. Devastating. Nick spends his days searching and risking his life to find the criminals that killed his friend. Talking about friends, he couldn't trust anybody after he found out that his friend who was in the murder mystery case that his dad is the mafia boss. He was alone with the only friend left, Reya, who is the sister of the dead boy. She was the only person to help but unfortunately her uncle also turns out to be a big part of the crime. So Nick and Reya were surrounded not only by the criminals but their family members, too. This book was rated 4 and a half stars out 5 which means that a lot of people enjoyed and loved the book. Students should read this book to take them out of their boredom and into a crazy adventurous murder mystery case.

Check out this video for some fun facts about the author: