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Diverse Book Pitch (Butter Honey Pig Bread)
Yasmin Aguiar /  Sat, 11 Jun 2022

“Pain-eater fast today; starve yourself a while.”

This is the first line we’re greeted with in the actual book and is just an example of the beautiful, poetic wording of Francesca Ekwuyasi, who’s writing style I, personally, am in love with and the first reason why this book is a must read. Though the book doesn’t contain any actual poems, the way the words will speak to you and have you feeling like you’re really there, watching these characters, living their lives and feeling how they feel definitely isn’t something to look over.

Francesca (a Nigerian-Canadian author), in her debut novel, gives us a taste of many cultures, such as Nigerian culture, where most of the story is based. Nigerian mythology thrives in this book and yet it is still so realistic, with the main focus being the shifted lives of these once separated, now reunited, sisters. Getting to learn so much about different cultures is yet another reason why it’s a must read.

The main themes in this story are family, food and hurt and it travels through future, present, past and 3 different perspectives/points of view.

I’m being truly honest with you when I say that this is my favourite book ever and that before you read, you should be prepared with tissues, a notebook and food. The tissues because the other reason why Butter Honey Pig Bread is a must read is because it’ll have you crying from sadness and happiness as well as contemplating life. The notebook so you can write down every line that makes you go “wow” and every recipe given to you and the food so you don’t get too hungry reading about all the delicious meals one of the main characters cooks up.

I really envy anyone reading this book for the first time and if I could go back, I’d tell myself to not be afraid to indulge in this book, as well as the feelings it brought up for me.