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Film Review: Ghostbusters (1984)
Brianna /  Wed, 01 Dec 2021

Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz and Egon Spegler work at Columbia University as parapsychologists who didn’t have enough funding from the university for conducting their experiments. They set up shop as a ghost removal service in New York City where terrified customers call on their service. A dead Gozer Worshiper erected a downtown apartment building which could potentially end all humanity by bringing to life the Hittite god Gozer. They stumble upon another dimension that has evil intentions and the mayor needs their help to save the city.

The film is rated PG incorporating the adventure, fantasy and comedy genre and it is directed and produced by Ivan Reitman. The film shouldn’t be rated PG for its scary special effects, swearing and sexual tension in some scenes, as I believe it should be recommended to teenagers. This is a neat sci-fi movie that's nonsensical, yet nerdy, and it just works. The film is tightly packed with one-liners as Bill Murray makes creative jokes and cracks himself up, showing he thoroughly enjoys himself. This movie is filled with nostalgia from the friendships, iconic clothing, and timing regarding jokes and the catch lines. The movie makes you feel as though you are a part of this crash course and were just along for the sweet ride. The ghostbusters just casually accept their fate open heartedly and the apparitions.

The chemistry is evident between characters as they bounce off each other and go from zero to one hundred rapidly depending on circumstances. They are comedic but talk as though they are scientists in on the joke. The magic is created by the juxtaposition of action and the reactions from the actors. This movie is an iconic modern comedy because of the unlikely pairing of three awkward unemployed scientists who are faced with incomparable situations. The film uses science-based humour and pivots toward a thrilling yet terrifying action as the destruction of the city wasn’t acknowledged. The special effects are executed well for the time, but are unrealistic and show the obvious fantasy and creative approach. This is a multimillion-dollar production that uses hilarious and scary special effects such as a ginormous marshmallow man that are definitely “aw” worthy. The fight between good and evil was hilarious. The iconic costume of the proton pack and the hand-held wand “Neutrona Wand” which throws particles and connects to the backpack (particle accelerator) is often a Halloween costume. I love each phrase and I never felt that time was wasted.

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