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Kids TV Tier List
Sebastien Davidson /  Sat, 16 Oct 2021

All ratings are objective fact, also I haven’t seen all kids TV so cut me some slack.

S - Tier:

  • Phineas and Ferb → Great theme song, Perry is pretty cool, poor Doofenshmirtz, S-tier

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars → This is a bold one. It has Kenobi, it gets an S-tier. Also the rest of the show is really good, RIP Fives.

  • Adventure Time → Jake the Dog and Finn the human are pretty good, and who can dislike BMO?

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender → Great animation, great characters, great story. It's impossible not to love Uncle Iroh and Zuko.

  • Gravity Falls → Good characters and story, by far the best kid’s mystery show.

  • Pingu → He says noot noot and does a little trolling, S-tier.

  • Animated Batman → Mark Hamill Joker earns this S-tier easily. Also, we live in a society.

  • Veggie Tales → meme status, S-tier.

A - Tier:

  • The Backyardigans → Most of the characters are mediocre, but my man Pablo gets this up to an A-tier.

  • Spongebob → Is this the Krusty Krab? no this is A-tier

  • Dinosaur Train → Informative, has a pretty cool train, but the T-Rex should have eaten the other dinosaurs.

  • Wild Kratts → learned a lot, animation was cool, but the live actions segments keep this out of S-tier

  • The Regular Show → Pretty funny, but some episodes are just too weird to be good.

  • Transformers (1985) → Classic sci-fi cartoon, couldn’t really ask for more out of an 80’s cartoon.


  • The Amazing World of Gumball → Haven’t seen any full episodes, but the clips I have seen have been funny.

  • Mighty Machines → The machines are mighty, A-tier.

  • LEGO: Ninjago → Originally a really good show, but they just made too many seasons and suddenly the ice one is a robot for some reason and I lost interest.

  • The Dragon Prince → Made by the same people as ATLA so the characters and story are great, but the sometimes wonky animation keeps this out of S-tier.

  • Thomas the Tank Engine → This show kept my childhood on track, it’s pretty good.

  • Peppa Pig → Is canonically 7’1”, I can’t put her any lower than A-tier and keep my kneecaps.

B - Tier:

  • Dora → Pretty good for young children, but it gets real repetitive and annoying.

  • Blues Clues → Pretty cool show but Steve left the show and got replaced by a doppelganger, gets a B for Bye Steve!

  • Arthur → Some of the characters are pretty annoying, but at one point Arthur threatens to sell DW which makes up for the terrifying Matt Damon cameo.

  • Victorious/all laugh track sitcoms → Solid shows, laugh tracks get annoying after a few episodes.

  • Octonauts → Why is there a bear underwater?

  • Scooby-Doo → Gets predictable and the characters are not good enough to make up for the often dry stories.

  • Transformers Prime → Good story and animations, but can be kinda cringe at some points.

  • TMNT → Never watched much of this, but the one episode I did watch was alright.

  • Tom and Jerry → Cartoon violence is funny for a bit, then gets boring.

  • The Loud House → It was alright for a show about a pre-teen boy, but honestly just watch Fairly Odd Parents Instead.

  • Fairly Odd Parents → Cosmo and Wanda carry, Timmy is pretty annoying. The dad has S-tier meme status though.

C - Tier:

  • Johnny Test → Johnny is really annoying.

  • Miraculous Ladybug → Never watched it, but some of my friends did and they overhype it.

  • Teen Titans Go → Decent quality show, but jeez some of the characters are really annoying sometimes.

  • My Little Pony → The show was alright, but the community is... questionable.

  • Sesame Street → Cookie monster, Oscar the grouch, and Big bird make this show better than it has any right to be.

  • Star Wars: Rebels → Just clone wars but pretty much worse in every way.

  • Pokemon (all of them) → Ash is really dumb and the show has no continuity with the game. The pokemon reputation alone keeps it out of F-tier though.

D - Tier:

  • Paw Patrol → Who let a dog drive a bulldozer? Only redeeming quality is the mayor’s chicken

  • The Wiggles → No one needs more wiggling in their life

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse → Mickey is terrifying, I have no idea who would be in a clubhouse with him

  • Shaun the Sheep → Can be funny, but the claymation although impressive, can be slight nightmare fuel

F - Tier:

  • Max and Ruby → Ruby is not my favourite character, let’s leave it at that.

  • Barney → What even is this show.

  • Teletubbies → Who came up with this show, because I think there is a padded cell with their name on it.

  • Richie Rich → He is a brat, what else do I need to say?

  • Skylanders: Academy → Bad video game show, automatic F-tier.