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Serena Manouchehri’s Student Film
Nina Beck /  Thu, 21 Apr 2022

Nepean is host to so many talented young artists. One of these students is Serena Manouchehri, a Grade 11 student who recently finished writing and directing her debut short film.

The film, “The Movie Theatre” is, as Serena puts it, about four teenagers who go into a movie theatre and after falling asleep, their worst fears come to life on screen.

Serena was inspired in the midst of COVID-19 to write a script involving memories and self reflection. Those concepts spent a long time going through various drafts and eventually evolving into what became the movie.

Once finished the creation of her film, Serena began applying to every film festival that she was eligible for. The Independent Film Festival, Montreal Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival for short films, the London International Film Festival for Short Films, Vancouver Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, and many others to get her name out there and have as many people as possible see this student film. Already, Serena has received the Platinum Award for Best Young Filmmaker from the Independent Shorts Awards.

Serena, as well as a large portion of the cast and crew herself attend Nepean showing us just how much talent comes out of our school. The movie is yet to be released but the trailer is out and can be watched on Serena’s production company Instagram (@manoucherhriproductions). Keep an eye out for Serena’s name as we’re sure to see more from her if she’s already making movies in high school!