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Sushi Kan Review
Olivia Milley /  Wed, 17 Nov 2021

Rated 9.0 on Skip the Dishes, Sushi Kan boasts a plentiful menu of over a hundred and fifty different options. On top of sushi, they also serve other Japanese and Korean dishes, so if you’re not a fan of raw fish, there are many other items that will surely appeal to you, from soups, to tempura (deep fried meat, fish or vegetables), to noodles, and a variety of other foods. My personal favourites to order include salmon and avocado rolls, edamame soybeans, calamari, miso soup, and salmon sashimi. When I eat at the restaurant I always order the mango ice cream for dessert or the deep-fried sesame balls.

My sisters both hated sushi when they were younger, so the first time I went to Sushi Kan with my friend’s family, I was ecstatic. I only ever ate sushi when other people gave it to me, and I had never been to a sushi restaurant. When I entered for the first time, they sat us at a cozy booth and offered me a menu. My friend’s family already had their regular orders so I was able to sit and enjoy the delicious dishes that were brought out. One of my favourite things about this style of restaurant is how they bring out the food incrementally, so there’s not too much on the table at a time and you’re able to enjoy the food continuously instead of waiting a long time and then getting it all at once. I also love the idea of sharing dishes and being able to try everything, instead of ordering only one thing for yourself.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, my family ordered in many times (usually pizza). I hadn’t had sushi in a long time since indoor dining was closed, so I was set on convincing them to order from Sushi Kan. At the time, my sisters were still on the fence about sushi, but I managed to sell it by showing them all the other options they served. Our food arrived, perfectly packaged and undamaged despite a long car ride, with lots of extra soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger. My family thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and both my sisters really liked the vegetarian sushi. Since then, we’ve ordered from there many times and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I highly recommend this restaurant to sushi lovers or those looking for tasty East Asian food. Both eating there and ordering in are terrific experiences, so Sushi Kan will inevitably become a personal favourite!

Sushi Kan

1280 Baseline Rd.