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Suya Joint (African Grill) Review
Jennifer G /  Fri, 05 Nov 2021

I’ve eaten at an African grill and I have to say it is severely underrated. Whenever I go, I usually treat myself to their beef Suya, a dish that can be ordered spicy if you’d like. Now what is Suya? It originated in Nigeria and is a popular street food which is typically pieces of thinly sliced meat with seasonings. There are different types of Suya sold from beef to chicken to goat. Although all the flavours are different they all are extremely delicious. My first experience there, I was in awe. The food was so delicious that when I finished it, I began wanting more right away. The meat was properly cooked and seasoned and once I took a bite everything was perfectly balanced. Once you try it I guarantee that you, too, will fall in love with their food!

This isn’t the only dish worthy of praise at their restaurant. Their jollof rice and their plantain with their chicken braai makes for happy taste buds in your mouth. What is jollof rice? Most popular in west African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia, it is a rice dish cooked in a tomato sauce and/or tomato paste with a handful of different seasonings. It’s extremely delicious! Usually Ghana and Nigeria have a feud about which kind is better between them, but I think African Grills’ jollof rice holds a decent chance at competing with Ghana, and I am very picky with how my jollof rice tastes.

Next, the people who work there are extremely kind and are super efficient with serving food since it’s usually out in minutes. Although other people had difficulty with their food coming out on time, my food was fresh, ready and warm by the time I entered the building.

This food spot is incredibly underrated. Despite being a little difficult to find, because it is so hidden, your taste buds will thank you for it later and you won’t stop thinking about the taste for a week. It’s inexpensive and delicious?! You guys should go try it right away!


1383 Clyde Ave, Nepean, Ontario, Canada

(613) 618-1264