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The Creature Creeps Review
Olivia Milley /  Mon, 20 Jun 2022

After over two years of limited activities, Nepean’s drama department was finally able to put on a show; this year’s feature was The Creature Creeps. Well advertised, this exquisitely cast production was a demonstration of our school’s dramatic excellence.

Despite co-editor Hugh Kelly being a main character in the play, the cast still took it upon themselves to call out our newspaper directly and I have thus taken it as a challenge to write a scathing review ;)

All jokes aside, I was very impressed by the overall talent and execution with stellar performances from the entire cast, in particular Max Van Loon as the Baron. It was evident the amount of work that was poured into the play with well selected costumes, masterfully designed sets, and no apparent line errors! On that subject, the delivery of the lines was absolutely on point as the actors left the audience chuckling many times. Although the play itself is quite old, the contemporary jokes about Among Us and of course the RickRolling were warmly received. Further, I think the hidden, revolving, light-up door was a great way to brighten the set.

That being said, parts of the play were somewhat dry and scenes could have been shortened while still maintaining clarity. The length of certain sections stunted the fluidity of the entire play as there was a long build up to what the audience expected to be a dramatic ending, and it erred on the side of “tying up all the loose ends” instead of entertainment. The ending felt rushed and unclear; as a viewer I was left with many questions and uncertainties. I recognize these are faults of the playwright but I still wanted to mention them.

All that in mind, I was very entertained by Nepean’s production of The Creature Creeps and I am excited to see what next year’s play will be!