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Meet Julianne and Rachel, Our Grade Nine Representatives!
Ella Zubec /  Thu, 09 Dec 2021

The student council has a big influence on our school community, and that responsibility lies in the hands of those involved: our student council and committee members, and our grade representatives and co-presidents. With already three of the ten months in our school year passed, the elections have come and gone for each of the positions, and we have had the chance to participate in a spirit week leading up to Halloween. With all the action happening behind the scenes, Knightwatch thought it would be best for the school to get to know some of the people running the show. Here at Nepean, we have two representatives for each grade. Let me introduce to you this year’s grade nine representatives: Julianne Tran and Rachel Brennan!

When I talked to Julianne, I asked her why she ran to be our grade representative.

“To be honest, it’s mainly because I previously had experience with student council, as the vice-president in grade seven.”

Julianne Tran, an alumni from Agincourt Road Public School, is an experienced member, and the perfect addition to our student body! She also planned to run for president last year, but never got the chance to since they didn’t have a student council due to the pandemic. She’s currently taking the Communication Technology course, and has a passion for both art and tech. Julianne hopes to continue these interests after she graduates from Nepean.

As a grade representative, she helps come up with ideas for spirit weeks during the weekly student council meetings. Julianne talked about how fun it is to plan different events. Other than not having enough time to eat lunch, she has no criticism for the student council, and with the lack of people on the different committees, she encourages everyone to get involved.

“I ran for grade nine representative [be]cause through middle and elementary school, I was on student council, in grade(s) 5, 6, 7 and 8, and I really enjoyed that and taking on the leadership roles and collaborating with lots of different people, so I thought this was a great opportunity to do this in high school,” said Rachel Brennan, who like Julianne, has had experience on her student council, previous to Nepean.

At her former school, Joan of Arc Academy, she worked as their president during eighth grade. With an interest in the medical and business fields, she hasn’t yet decided on what she will pursue post-secondary. However, with her responsibility, collaboration skills, and her love for helping others, she’s not only an excellent grade representative, but also has a bright future ahead of her.

When I asked her about what happens at the student council meetings, she responded, “We usually discuss upcoming events, and how we can prepare for those.”

Events Rachel could be referencing include the Food and Clothing Drive, or Spirit Week, both happening this week (December 13th-17th). For the Food and Clothing Drive in competition with Glebe Collegiate Institute, they’re accepting non-perishable foods, hygiene products, and lightly used clothing. The non-perishables (food and hygiene products) are going to the Ottawa Food Bank, and the clothes are going to Refugee613.

“I think my favourite part about being on student council is just feeling like I can be part of the NHS community and that I’m helping make events that [wi]ll really enhance the social lives of the students and just feeling like I’m a part of making the school feel like a community.”

Well said, Rachel. I am so grateful to have had the chance to talk to these amazing girls, and I hope this article has given you the chance to get to know them as well.