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Relay For Life 2022
Nina Beck /  Sat, 18 Jun 2022

On June 2nd over 600 Nepean students participated in Nepean’s annual Relay For Life fundraiser in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. A long-standing Nepean tradition, Relay for Life has continued on over the past two years in a modified online format, with this year's fundraiser being the first in-person event since 2019. This year, Nepean students raised a truly impressive amount of over $113,000, beating their original goal of $70,000 with flying colours. Some very dedicated students in particular spent the month of May fundraising and managed to raise over $1,000 each.

This year being the first in-person RFL since 2019, the student planning committee worked really hard to have a lot of fun activities going all day. Students were given the chance to participate in games such as a spike ball tournament, limbo, freeze dance, tic tac toe, frisbee, and more. They were also given snacks and pizza, and had an appearance from the Merry Dairy ice cream truck. Members of the NHS Relay Committee spent a long time planning this important day, with Covid making it so difficult to plan events in advance, they didn’t know what to expect, but they pulled off a great day. Grade 12 student on the Relay Committee, Violet Decaria, described the week leading up to Relay as, “...absolutely insane, and although it was really busy, seeing it all come together makes it all worth it.”

The day ended on a more somber note, with every student writing down who they are participating for on a paper lantern and lining the field with the lanterns to complete the final walk of silence. Relay For Life has been an incredibly important, long standing tradition and the Nepean community made a strong return to in person events. Congratulations on the hard work put in NHS!