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The Controversy of Silence

Silence is controversial. A suffocating and undeniable prescence of peace, awkwardness, comfort, and hatred. Yet in the absence of words, I find unending interpretations.
Silence’s controversy—and beauty—lies in the endless words that exist in the lack of “talk”. The english language itself is confined to 26 letters, about 600 000 words, and limited combinations. When you compare our spoken language to the complex human experience, it’s especially clear that our words can only scrape the surface of our lives. This is why silence, in its endless forms, stretches, and contexts, can be even more versatile than a mere 26 letters. ...

A "Loveless" Marriage
N. Mazerolle

Tabitha heaved a sigh, picking at a stray thread on their sweater. The sweater in question was dreadfully itchy, Tabitha didn’t know if they could have beared wearing it if not for its rich green colour. Though they might have gotten some nasty looks from their mother-in-law for not delighting in the gift that her Nana worked so hard to make for them. At least Tabitha had a soft chemise they could wear underneath.
“Is Agatha finally gone?” A voice said from behind them. They turned to see Silas enter the parlour.
Tabitha snorted, taking a seat on the warm grey couch. ...

Beasterary - the origin of modern day monsters

With Halloween right around the corner, it got me thinking; where did the monster and other devious creatures we associate with the scariest season of the year come from?
Vampires are probably one of the most abundant Halloween costumes out there, regardless of age. We have a very specific view of our favorite shapeshifting, blood-sucking (sometimes sparkling) coffin dwelling creatures, but that wasn’t always the case.
A lot of our modern interpretation comes from Bram Stoker’s novel, ‘Dracula’. Just hearing the name has most people thinking about some dark castle covered in cobwebs, deep in a forest or far in ...

The House

Kids, young and old wandered the streets together or alone, avoiding the broken down, old house— rumors broke out in the town and the town folks began making up stories about the house, some silly and some too scary. On one fateful Halloween, a couple of kids gone trick-or-treating without their parents and stumble across the creepy old house across the street, they both pandered the thought of knocking it’s door but town’s people warned them of the dangers— the little kids batted their eyes and betted that they would be fine; walking up to the house the town’s people ...

Lost in season

A crisp air strikes me suddenly with haste,
Holds me still, allows me to gaze into space,
Fall takes away much of life’s beauty without a trace,
There is a sadness in losing everything,
And I wonder, how anyone could love such a season,
Does Mother Nature have a reason?
“Life must go on,” she says,
A gust of wind blows my way,
Shows me a world without seasons, without change,
As I continued to stroll down the old country lane,
The world ceased to exist,
For a moment, I pondered how I’d become lost,
A hint of beauty was in the midst,
The autumn leaves appeased my wandering soul,
Commencing a new chapter,
A ...

Sheep: The grammar police. A poem

The sheep's’ goal is to SHEAR away all the bad grammar and spelling left in this cold, grammar-less world.
They hope that someday we can all leave in peace and harmony with good grammar all around.
And with one person to lead us all: