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Mexican Gothic Book Review
Jonathan Milton /  Thu, 04 May 2023

“Just because there are no ghosts, it doesn’t mean you can’t be haunted. Nor that you shouldn’t fear the haunting.”

Mexican Gothic is a supernatural horror novel set in the tumultuous age of 1950s Mexico, following a protagonist who finds herself residing in an isolated mansion, adamant on rescuing her supposedly hysterical cousin from the enigmatic family she has married into. Themes of female independence, colonialism, life, death, and rebirth are set against the backdrop of a grotesque and eerie house that takes inspiration from classic gothic fiction. The book is almost as claustrophobic as the mansion itself, wrapping its tendrils around the reader and refusing to let go. Mexican Gothic is for fans looking for books similar to We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Plain Bad Heroines, and What Moves the Dead.