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My Favorite Movie - Hubie Halloween
Rami /  Sun, 12 Feb 2023

Since I have been able to eat and drink I have always been in love with movies. watching an average of 2 a day made me addicted to it like people are addicted to food. It became one of my personality traits if you believe or not which helps me communicate with others and socialize more than ever.

The movie that I chose over both goosebumps and all the Stephen King movies was the 2020 movie, Hubie Halloween that starred all the most loved and known actors such as Adam Sandler, Julie Bowen, Tim Meadows and many other hilarious and really talented actors. I chose this movie not only because of my love of Adam Sandler but also because of the quality and adding up all the concepts of a good scary movie. Even though it was like a less scary movie than for example it or the conjuring it made you really get into the feeling of halloween like adding kidnapping costumes and the most known monster mash that was released decades ago.

I don't think it is mentally possible to find such a movie that can defeat the popularity and hype that this movie has achieved and gained. I would think that the budget of this movie was a crazy ton which a lot of people, with inflation, could not afford. So my award goes to Hubie halloween.