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“Battle of the Grades” Spirit Week!
Leila Laaziz and Ella Zubec /  Mon, 17 Oct 2022

From October third to sixth, Nepean High School’s student council hosted our first spirit week for our 2022-2023 school year! The idea behind this week’s spirit week was “Battle of the Grades”, where each grade had their own sub-theme which fell under a general idea for the whole school.

On Monday, our school spirit day was centered around colours, and each grade was expected to show up wearing their grade’s colours. Grade nine wore red, grade ten wore yellow, grade eleven wore green, and grade twelve wore blue!

Tuesday was a day for the four seasons! Students across all four grades showed up dressed like fall (grade nines), spring (grade tens), summer (grade elevens), and winter (grade twelves).

On Wednesday of spirit week each grade was suggested to come dressed in the style of a different decade. Grade 9s wore clothes inspired by the 2000s, which included low rise jeans and crop tops. Grade 10s came to school in baggy jeans and band T-shirts for the 1990s; grade 11s represented the 80s with their mesh tops, neon colours and leg warmers.

Lastly, the 12th graders dressed in 70s fashion with bell bottomed jeans and tie dye! For the final day of spirit week on Thursday, all grades showed their school spirit by donning their favorite clothes in the Nepeans colours – which are purple and gold of course!

Many students wore their Nepean swag like a cozy hoodie worn by one grade nine student

Or some came dressed in their favorite yellow or purple clothes.

Ella talked to a representative from the student council about their thinking behind hosting a “Battle of the Grades” themed spirit week; they told her their goal was to have a greater variety of themes. As well, they wanted more students involved. With competition as our incentive, they figured there would be a better turn out all around, but specifically, more participation from the younger students, who are currently less involved in student council. Nepean is looking forward to their next spirit week!