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Knightmare: NHS Music Department’s First Performance of the Year!
Ella Zubec /  Sat, 05 Nov 2022

Jazz band!!! (Grades nine–twelve)

On October 28th, Nepean High School’s music department held their first performance of the year. “Knightmare on Broadview” featured a collection of Halloween themed music from almost all of our musical ensembles. Our Concert band (Grades 9-10), Wind Ensemble (Grades 11-12), Jazz Band, Saxophone Double Quartet, vocals music class, and ensembles from the Grade 12 music class all performed. We gave a glimpse of what our music program has to offer to six hundred Grade 8 students, and hosted three of our feeder schools: Broadview public school, Woodroffe Avenue Public School and Fisher Park PS/Summit Alternative PS. The whole program spanned an hour, from ten to eleven on Friday morning.

Percussion ensemble! (Grades nine–twelve)

At 7:45 on Thursday morning, we held our dress rehearsal and practiced set changes. I talked to Kayla afterward, a Grade 10 student taking instrumental music.

“[Our performance tomorrow] will be really fun, I’m excited for the grade eights to see the music program at Nepean.”

I also asked her about one thing that she thinks students in Grade 8 should know if they’re thinking of taking music.

“Just know that you get to play a big variety of pieces, and there’s lots of different options that you can go into, like jazz or classical.”

The program on Friday went smoothly, and included an appearance from Darth Vader as well as a guest conductor for the Wind Ensemble! Almost all the musicians who performed dressed up—ranging from Star Wars costumes, to M&Ms. We can’t wait for the Grade 8s to join us next year!

Concert Band! (Grades nine and ten)

Our grade nine–twelve vocal class!"

Wind Ensemble! (Grades eleven and twelve)