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The Cafeteria Has Opened!
Ashley Sutherland /  Mon, 27 Mar 2023

It's the moment we’ve all been waiting for! This week (March 20th) Nepean opened their cafeteria for the first time in years. Students lined up excitedly at the door, awaiting the delicious dishes the cafeteria has to offer. Their menu is extensive, to say the least, including breakfast, a grill, a bakery and more!

Walking into class after lunch, I notice cafeteria items in the hands of dozens of my classmates. People walked around with an orange juice in hand, a bit of strawberry ice cream, fries and even a grilled cheese! Needless to say, the boundless menu was taken advantage of by students all across the school.

It’s truly incredible to see Nepean’s mighty community gathered together once again in our cafeteria, eating and laughing together with food being produced in the next room! We must applaud the workers who cook and serve nutritious food to our students. They have invested their time into our hunger and happiness, something we are incredibly grateful for!

The opening of the cafeteria is a comforting sign of our school and community’s steady recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic. It's time to take advantage of normality. The sky's the limit, Nepean!