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Youth in Action
Club /  Mon, 01 Nov 2021

Club Description: Our club is a space where young people can be a part of community initiatives that they themselves can start. Our goal is to allow youth to develop the experience in starting student-led initiatives to help their communities whether it is with the club or by themselves. Although we have some set projects for the future, we expect to do smaller initiatives throughout the year when they arise. Projects such as bottle drives, thank you notes to garbage collectors, cards for seniors, donations, and other projects are all within our scope to tackle, and we promote our members to pitch in their own ideas as well. In the end, we want youth to be active within their communities and to help all of those in need.

Meeting Time: On warmer days, we meet as a group bi weekly at lunch on Wednesdays. During colder days, we meet online after school between 5-6pm. Everyone is welcome!

Google Classroom Code: nthpxcx