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A Christmas Alphabet
Lucy Turk /  Wed, 01 Dec 2021

A is for Angels,

Popular Christmas characters,

With sparkling wings and glowing gowns.

They always lift frowns.

B is for Blizzards,

Blustery winter disasters

And school cancellations

Though they do create fun winter exploration.

C is for Christmas trees,

Tall and bright

The center of attention

Covered in snow, glittery and white.

D is for December,

the month full of first snowfalls,

and the evening darkness being the strongest.

The holiday feeling

everyone has needed since August.

E is for Eggnog,

a classic holiday drink.

Everyone pours themselves a glass

before sliding on the rink.

F is for the First Frost,

A wave of cheer flows through you

you see the fresh flurries on the ground.

Then all the neighbourhood kids get out

and decide to run around.

G is for Gingerbread,

Fresh from the oven, prepared by eager children.

Of course, the largest cookies of the bunch,

are currently forbidden.

H is for Hot Chocolate,

Warm cocoa with marshmallows

and a swirl of whipped cream,

still too hot, leaving a warm trail of steam.

I is for Ice Skating,

crowds upon crowds go down to the Canal

For the purpose of enjoying the winter sun.

At this point the winter fun has only just begun.

J is for January,

coats layered upon coats,

people in a rush,

and cars splashing pedestrians with slush.

K is for Kringles,

The smell of cinnamon and sugar wafting around your home

hot chocolate mugs filled to the brim,

with a layer of light foam.

L is for Frozen Lakes,

Ice skaters and ice fishers make the most of this miracle

each year,

making it traditional.

M is for Movies,

the ones you watch every year

which hold the same sentimental feeling

And ensure all your worries disappear

N is for Nutcrackers,

always being knocked off and mistaken for dolls,

if only they didn’t break

each time they fall.

O is for Overcast,

when the clouds act like a warm blanket on a cold day,

giving us a break

from the colder weather underway.

P is for Peppermint Candies,

a staple in gingerbread houses

made carefully by children,

Coloured boldly with green and vermillion.

Q is for Quilts,

Carefully sewn by relatives

Placed over couches and bedspreads.

Embroidered with clean, glistening thread.

R is for Reindeer,

The most iconic characters of the classic Christmas stories.

Almost everyone has a copy somewhere

Hidden in their holiday inventories.

S is for Skiing,

the cold air hitting your face as you bolt down hills,

then returning to the chalet

for something to cure your chills.

T is for Tobogganing,

tumbling down slopes at full speed,

nothing slowing you down except your boots dragging along the edges of the sled.

Then coming home and having cheeks a shade of rather bright red.

U is for Unexpected,

Winter is unpredictable,

Strong winds, freezing breezes

And sometimes fallen trees

V is for Visits,

Every year your whole family comes around.

You all have a nice big meal

This holiday season is purely ideal.

W is for Walking in the fresh snow,

Your feet step into the soft and fluffy blanket of snow.

The moon reflects off the untouched flurries

to create a wonderful glow.

X is for XC Skiing,

Up the hills and down again

The cold crisp air hits your face

This time you’ll confidently win the race.

Y is for Yuletide Carols,

Sung in a choir all together.

Brightening the Christmas mood

in the damp and dark weather.

Z is for Zero degrees.

When the temperature drops below zero,

The lakes start to freeze

And the torrential downpours turn into flurries.