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Greek Tragedy Play
Grade 12 Student /  Wed, 17 Nov 2021

[Jamal’s heroic flaw is that he gets jealous very easily]


T’Challa: Damn, man you did it. You became class president.

Jamal: Yeah T’Challa. What’d you expect?

Jamal leaves stage

Tyrone enters

T’Challa: Yoo Tyrone. What's up man.

Tyrone: Ohh you know. The usually. Admiring Jamal.

T’Challa: Yeah I hear you. He is super dope. He got a fly honey, he quarterback on the football team, School President, most popular kid in school. He got it all man.

Tyrone: Yeah but he gets a little jealous sometimes.


Jamal is a nice dude,

Quarterback of the football team,

School president,

Honour roll student,

Everyone likes him,

That’s for sure,

Everyone want to be like him,

That’s for sure,

But he has a problem,

He can’t control his jealousy,

Will that change things,

Let’s wait and see.


Jamal: Alright guys we have been training the whole season for this. Let’s get out there and WIN!

Dusty Defaults on 3. 1… 2… 3… DUSTY DEFAULTS.

Everyone runs off stage

Spectators come on

Tyrone: OMG guys he’s on the field, Jamal is on the field.

Loud shrieks

Tylie: He is so cool. You know he’s my boyfriend right?

Chorus person walks through “Last minute of play”


Slovester catches the ball

Crowd erupts

Tylie: Let’s go guys we did it, WE ARE IN THE FINALS.

Everyone circles Slovester and chants his name

Jamal looking jealous on the side

Everyone goes off stage

Football team enters (change room)

Everyone saying nice job Slovester

Jamal hits locker really loudly

Jamal: Everyone out! But Slovey.

Slovester: Yoo, what’s the matter man

Jamal pulls Slovester off stage


Jamal: That’s what you get, taking all the credit.

Chorus comes on




They won,

They won,

But hold up,

Wait a minute,

Something wasn’t supposed to happen,

What was Jamal thinking,

Will he get caught,

Surely not,

It must have been an accident,

No one will know,

The rest of the team respects him so.


Next day

Tylie: Okay Jerome, let's work on the project tomorrow.

Jamal walks on stage

Tylie: Ohhh Jamal, Come say Hi to Jerome

Jerome: Yaww wasssad dude.

Jamal gives him cold shoulder

Jerome: Yoo did you hear about Slovester. Tripped and fell in the shower. They found him unconscious 3 hours after the game.

Jamal: Really? That’s so sad.

Jerome: Yeah, too bad he won’t be at the final tomorrow. Anyways, I gotta go. Cya Tylie. Ohh and catch ya later Jamal.

Jerome leaves

Jamal: Tylie, how could you talk to another guy?

Tylie: What do you mean?

Jamal: I saw you.

Tylie: If you have this big of a jealousy problem, maybe you should just be jealous of yourself.

Jamal: What do you mean?

Tylie: WE’RE DONE.

Jamal: FINE.

Both storm off stage in separate ways

Later that day

Jerome and Tylie walk on set

Tylie: He just had such a big jealousy problem and this was the breaking straw.

Jerome: It’s okay you will find someone better

Jamal walks on with hood and comes up behind them

Jamal: *whispers* I knew it

Goes up behind both of them and grabs them

Jamal: Turn off at this ally

Jerome: Wait is that…..

Goes off stage



Oh no,

Bruh, bro,

What has gone wrong,

He had it all,

Now it's out of control,

It didn’t have to go this far,

He didn’t have to let his flaws get the better of him,

He hasn’t tried his best,

Nor succeeded,

And the game is coming up,

Oh no,

Will he be stopped before it’s too late,

Let’s just wait and see.


Coach: Alright guys I know that the news of Slovester was traumatizing, but we have to go forward. It’s the finals. We got this. Even without our star player.

Jamal hits the locker in anger.

Coach: Alright guys, let’s get on the field.

Team runs off

Coach stops Jamal

Coach: Listen Jamal. I don’t think you playing in this game is a good idea. We are going to throw them off by playing Jimmy.

Jamal: You mean that skinny little short kid. He can barely throw.

Coach: You weren’t at practice the other night and he was. And besides based on your past performances he is just the better player.

Jamal: I gotta go

Jamal leaves stage

Coach leaves too

Jamal reenters

Jamal: Where did I put it, where did I put it.

Finds gun

Jamal: AHHH HAAAA, This will show them

Jamal leaves

Jamal walk on stage

Background noise “OMG Jimmy just threw the nicest throw. He is quite clearly the better player. Who needs Jamal when you got a Jimmy?”

Jamal: Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE ME!!! It’s time to show them how powerful I am.

Jamal walks off stage

Background noise “Hey is that Jamal? What’s that in your hand...” POW. BANG BANG BANG BANG -Silence-


This was definitely not one of not better choices,

The police have been alerted,

The gig is up,

Where did it go wrong,

He was once at the top and now,

His status gone,

He was once at the top,

But that’s no longer the case

He is now at the bottom never to return,

What was the problem you might ask,

His jealousy was tough to mask.


Jamal enters

Self conscience comes on.

Self conscience: Did you do it?

Jamal: Yes.

Self conscience: What did it cost?

Jamal: Everything.

Self conscience walks off.

Jamal: I can’t do this anymore

Jamal walks off


He gets rolled on by the rolly thing.


Police Officer #1: Looks over Jamal Roll him out.

Police Officer # 2: I heard he was the “popular kid”.

Police Officer #1: Weird what happens when you get put in the spotlight when you aren’t ready.

Police Officer #2: Yeah. You have to be able to lead yourself before you can lead others.