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Society (a poem)
Amaya /  Thu, 17 Mar 2022

They’re tall and you’re small, she is a she and he is a he

They are them and there's no in between.

She can wear whatever he can wear and he can wear what

She can. They are able to wear whatever they can wear.

A dark face doesn’t mean you’re a disgrace

you’re just as beautiful as the rest of the race

POC are as important as people

Who discipline their place, Their culture and their face.

What I have down there, isn’t for the rest of the world to share

But to know who I identify with love and care.

To accept what I am, to learn, to knowledge with pride and dignity

Stereotypes are what people think you are even though you're not.

being put into one is like only seeing one side of the glass.

you can see one p.o.v., not the rest.

What defines beauty isn’t the looks, but the way

you see yourself shine through the darkness within.

Making rules were meant to be followed

but if the ruler themselves don’t follow these rules either.

Then what’s the point of implying them in the first place?

But it is society telling us what we can and can not do.

Controlling us like puppets.

It is us and our responsibility to those rules

the world has set for us. To be able to be us without

being prisoned for not fitting but for standing out instead.

Don’t let society get to you but let yourself get to society.