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The Girls With The Same Name
Grade 9 Student /  Tue, 05 Oct 2021

There were girls with the same name

And they ran through the rain

Their feet patted quietly

Their voices echoed loudly

With the same name, two girls ran

Under the quiet night they rant

The cool misty night

The deafening street lights

The smell of dew

I knew

For the world may suck

I can see its beauty

Rain symbolises sadness

And it's then I see clearly

When the sky screams

They can’t hear, so I speak

When the world is inside

So I am alone

I needn’t to hide

Because it’s heaven I see

When I dance in the rain

Because it’s hell I feel

When rain dances in me

Rain can be painful

When filled with bitter emotion

What we do when we’re sad, and what falls in the ocean

But it keeps us alive

Water is how we survive

Because rain can be

anything you want

For me

It’s their beauty I see

So when it rains I dance through it

Because a rainbow comes soon it

May be a while

But it doesn’t mean now you can’t smile




It falls from the sky

So to the girls with the same name

Who I ran with through the rain

Next time let's dance through it

Next time we should enjoy the journey

For the sun will come soon it

May be a while

But the raindrops can’t drown us

Tears may hurt, first

But we can grow, and we can learn

To the girls with the same name

Let’s dance through the rain

Because it is always beautiful, even when not always humane