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Town Hall Editorial
Serena Manouchehri /  Thu, 21 Apr 2022

This month, the Nepean Student Council (StudCo) decided to host a town hall in the auditorium so that students could voice their different opinions and thoughts about events that are coming up. This meeting allowed the StudCo to be more transparent with the student community about the changes that would take place. The plan is for the town hall to happen once a month. Students can follow the StudCo Instagram page to see when these meetings will occur. It is highly recommended for individuals to attend these town halls to participate and stay informed about school events.

Due to COVID-19, most students aren't aware of the different clubs and opportunities that Nepean has to offer. So the town hall consisted of various clubs giving short presentations about what their club is about, where they meet, what Google Classroom link to join and about their upcoming initiatives.

They also mentioned the forthcoming elections for student co-presidents and the representatives for each grade. This begs the question of whether the elections will be another popular contest with empty promises, disappointment, no change and just a title to place on a university application. Or are StudCo and the teachers at this school going to put more guidelines, vet the applicants who want to apply, and put some requirements on the positions? Hopefully, during the next student elections, we will see more applicants win on merit, not on status.