Lost in season

A crisp air strikes me suddenly with haste,
Holds me still, allows me to gaze into space,
Fall takes away much of life’s beauty without a trace,
There is a sadness in losing everything,
And I wonder, how anyone could love such a season,
Does Mother Nature have a reason?
“Life must go on,” she says,
A gust of wind blows my way,
Shows me a world without seasons, without change,
As I continued to stroll down the old country lane,
The world ceased to exist,
For a moment, I pondered how I’d become lost,
A hint of beauty was in the midst,
The autumn leaves appeased my wandering soul,
Commencing a new chapter,
A ...

Sheep: The grammar police. A poem

The sheep's’ goal is to SHEAR away all the bad grammar and spelling left in this cold, grammar-less world.
They hope that someday we can all leave in peace and harmony with good grammar all around.
And with one person to lead us all: