Carry On - A Review
Natasha Mazerolle

In middle school, I gravitated towards Young Adult fiction novels like a natural satellite caught in the orbit of a thriving planet. Whether because I felt some sense of maturity at reading something on that level or I just genuinely enjoyed the tropes and clichés common to that genre, I was drawn to these types of books and would read nothing but. It was by this obsession that I happened upon the novel Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. It had been a few years before I finally picked it up again for a summer read, and upon digesting these words ...

Ashley’s Summer Book Reviews!
Ashley Sutherland

BURN by Patrick Ness
I picked up Burn one day in an Indigo, intrigued by the mystical cover and the fact it was historical fiction, one of my favorite genres. Let me paint you a picture: A young African- American girl in the midst of the cold war, living on a small farm in Washington. It's a casual, accurate life for the time, except for one thing: Dragons exist, and they always have.
It's an interesting idea, so interesting that I purchased it quickly and read it dutifully. Here are my thoughts.
First, I would like to look at the positives of this ...