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'I Went Ahead': The Story of a Trailblazer
Maya G.

Since it's Black History Month, I thought it'd be a good time to discuss one of the most notable Black Canadian trailblazers in our recent history: Violet Pauline King Henry. She was born in 1929 and died rather young, in 1982, but had such a large and ever-lasting impact during her 53 years. She is most commonly known today as the first Black female lawyer in Canada, but achieved many other major milestones, such as being the first Black Canadian to obtain a law degree in Alberta, as well as the first Black person admitted to the Alberta Bar and ...

Empress Sissi of Austria

After visiting Austria this past summer, I was inspired to write about their most powerful, clever and iconic Empress, Sissi. Walking through the Hofburg Imperial palace, I was captured by her story and position in history. Every portrait showed her renowned long hair and beauty. Over the last couple of months I’ve furthered my research and spent time watching the Netflix show The Empress. It was an exceptional way to see her illustrated from a film perspective and learn more about her story.
Marriage and Family Life
Empress Elizabeth or “Sissi” was born into the Bavarian House of Wittelsbach in Bavaria, 1837. ...

The Hockey Canada Scandal
Tess Robillard

Disclaimer: this article contains content that could be upsetting to some audiences, such as assault, bullying, and abuse.
I have played hockey from the age of four, and my family regularly watches the sport. In short, hockey has become a big part of my life. So naturally, when my mom convinced me to watch a documentary that aired on The Fifth Estate (CBC) in October, 2022 about the Hockey Canada scandal and the sexual assaults within our national sport, I was extremely upset. I was furious, shocked, and so ashamed that this had been going on for years. It took so ...

Art is Alive at NHS
Nina Beck

Covid has left a lasting impact on all Ontario schools, particularly within the arts faculty. Many of the Arts rely on performance, so they struggled with enrollment when students had to practice and rehearse in an alternative format through online and distance learning. Nepean’s music and vocal programs felt some of the greatest effects, being forced to shift to significantly smaller class sizes and drastically altered class structures. Both groups spent a lot of the past two years practicing both distanced and outside, formats that had significant influence on the unity of the choir and band experience. To encourage enrollment, ...

Why Mental Health Day Matters
Yana Golic

This month, on October 10th, it was World Mental Health Day. This occasion was first celebrated in 1992 at the World Federation for Mental Health and is done in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). Its goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues and to advocate against the social stigma present in our society. Every year there is a specific theme being tackled and this year the theme is “Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority”. Before the pandemic 1 in 8 people globally were living with mental health issues. Add in ...

Is it Time to Bring Back Grade 13?
Georgia Jones

During the Ontario provincial election of May 2022, the Ontario Liberals proposed the Ontario Liberal Education plan, which raised the idea of reinstating an optional Grade 13 as a way for students to further enrich their learning before graduation.
After consistently experiencing interrupted learning throughout the pandemic, many students have been opting to complete a "victory lap", voluntarily staying in high school beyond the typical four years. Victory laps have been traditionally used to boost grades, complete missing prerequisites, and fulfill scholarship requirements. As of 2013 however, a 34-credit threshold was introduced by the Liberal party- limiting funding for most ...

Le jour des franco-ontariens (In French and English)
Karina Groza

In French:
Le jour des franco-ontariens est une célébration adoptée le 26 août 2010. Célébrer le 25 septembre, le jour est important pour souligner une partie de la culture canadienne qui n’est pas toujours dans la lumière.
Le 25 septembre est l’anniversaire du premier lever du drapeau franco-ontarien qui a eu lieu en 1975 à l’Université Laurentienne à Sudbury. Créé par Michel Dupuis et Gaétan Gervais, c’est un drapeau qui représente les personnes comme lui. Le trille pour l’Ontario, le lys pour la langue française, le vert pour les étés et le blanc pour les hivers relie plusieur aspect de leur ...

Queen Elizabeth II: Past, Present and Future
Sejal Joneja

For as long as any of us have known, Queen Elizabeth II was the figurehead of society. Head of the British royal family and the commonwealth. Elizabeth was born on the 21st of April, 1926 to George Windsor and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She was third in line to the throne, behind her uncle, Edward, and her father, never expected to be queen. However when she was just 10 years old, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne for love, marrying American divorcé Wallis Simpson. Immediately following her uncle’s abdication, Elizabeth’s father became King George VI, making her next in line.
8 years ...