De-streamed Math Classes — One Teacher’s First Impressions
Hugh Kelly

Starting this school year, all grade 9 math classes in Ontario are being offered in only one stream. In previous years, students chose one of three streams (academic, applied, or essential) which had different curriculum expectations and assessment methods. Generally, students taking academic math in grades 9 and 10 then took “university” level math in grades 11 and 12, while applied students moved to “college” level math. Most subjects (English, French, sciences, and geography) are streamed in all grades, while some are not streamed at all, such as the arts, physical education, and Spanish.
The Government of Ontario is de-streaming grade ...

S&G Fries and Burgers Review
Khalid Filali

If you’ve ever gone out for lunch during school, you’ve probably passed by S&G Fries and Burgers, the shack right beside the Produce Depot. For the past three years I’ve been at Nepean High School and I always passed by, but I never bought anything. I recently decided to take a chance and try out what is so highly regarded by students at Nepean.
S&G Fries has the typical “shack menu”: fries, poutine, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken fingers, along with egg rolls from the Golden Bowl. I chose to get a small poutine.
I received my order very quickly, and ...

Emma Watson
Helen Resmer


Audrey Waller


Emma Stone
Cadence Rowsell


Untitled Watercolour
Cadence Rowsell


Maggie Bowden
Maggie Bowden


Untitled Drawing
Sophie Blechinger


Untitled Watercolour
Lauren Summerbell


Untitled Drawing
Lila Pare Lutfi


Untitled Drawing
Rebecca Francis


Sydney Wright


Untitled Drawing
Sophie Chase


Transgender Day of Remembrance at Nepean
Natasha Mazerolle

As long as there has been a concept of gender, transgender people have existed. The existence of people who catwalked the blurry lines of gender has been shown through history and various cultures. In the pre-colonial Incan civilization, they had a dual gendered jaguar deity known as Chuqui Chinchay who had shamans known as quariwarmi (“men-women”), a mixed gender role. In Madagascar, the Sakalava people recognized a third gender known as Sekrata, boys in the community who exhibited traditionally feminine features or personalities who were raised by their parents as girls; they were even believed to have special souls that ...

Untitled Drawing
Kate Bodden


Untitled Drawing
Anastasia Iagoferova


Untitled Drawing
Mavis Evans


Untitled Drawing
Aiden Carnegie


Sophie Blechinger


Untitled Drawing
Sarah Clarke


Hilary Linkletter


Untitled Drawing
Anastasia Iagoferova


Untitled Drawing
Cicely Anthonisen


The Shot
Grade 9 Student

“Today’s pain is worth tomorrow’s glory.”
I thought to myself, walking back onto the pitch. Anticipation, adrenaline, nerves, and tingling sensations crowding my thoughts. I began jumping up and down clearing my mind, my cleats coasting against the smooth touch of the freshly tended to turf field.
The dulcet whistle sang like the howl of a wolf calling his pack. Freedom. The second half was on. Quickly I turned to my wingback,
“Cover the long ball,”
He nodded; falling back into a defensive position.
I ran up the field taking a moment to observe the crowds on the sidelines pulsating like they were semi-sentient animals. ...

The Nepean Playlist Vol. 1
Hugh Kelly and Kevin Pham

Here is the playlist on Spotify!
It’s currently November, a somewhat dreary time of the year. We at Knightwatch wanted to give people a little bit of excitement, and get them involved in something fun and unique. So we asked students a simple question: What are your three favorite songs right now?
We got a stupendous response: one-hundred and thirty three songs, which combine to make one incredible eight and a half hour playlist. You can listen to it right now on Spotify, using the link at the top of this article.
The most remarkable thing about this collection is the sheer variety ...

The We Remember Learning Walk
Ella Zubec

Did you notice the person who stood behind the school beside the array of posters, pictures, and infographics pinned up against the fence? Did you wonder who that person was? Or what he was standing by? For two weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, there was an exhibit set up outside Nepean High School. Kalan Saunder, an army cadet who attends Nepean, and our librarian, Ms. Mackechnie organized the “We Remember Learning Walk”.
Spring of 2020, Ms. Mackechnie learned about the idea of a learning walk from another teacher-librarian in Toronto, who took apart story books and pinned them ...

Sushi Kan Review
Olivia Milley

Rated 9.0 on Skip the Dishes, Sushi Kan boasts a plentiful menu of over a hundred and fifty different options. On top of sushi, they also serve other Japanese and Korean dishes, so if you’re not a fan of raw fish, there are many other items that will surely appeal to you, from soups, to tempura (deep fried meat, fish or vegetables), to noodles, and a variety of other foods. My personal favourites to order include salmon and avocado rolls, edamame soybeans, calamari, miso soup, and salmon sashimi. When I eat at the restaurant I always order the mango ice ...

The Church Without A Clock
Natasha Mazerolle

The halls are silent, an absence of mechanical ticks
The sunlight from the windows bears no meaning
Eons pass, or was it just five seconds?
The House of God, where time does not exist
The walls are bare, so much space unused
Why are there so many crosses?
And not a single clock?
No bell tower rings from above.
O Temple of pale walls, do your bells ring strong?
Do your visitors treat them as absolute?
Do they even mean anything when you cannot see the sky?
Is the birds’ morning song indistinguishable from their evening finale?
Do the faithful believers know how long their sermon has been gone when they step ...

Greek Tragedy Play
Grade 12 Student

[Jamal’s heroic flaw is that he gets jealous very easily]
T’Challa: Damn, man you did it. You became class president.
Jamal: Yeah T’Challa. What’d you expect?
Jamal leaves stage
Tyrone enters
T’Challa: Yoo Tyrone. What's up man.
Tyrone: Ohh you know. The usually. Admiring Jamal.
T’Challa: Yeah I hear you. He is super dope. He got a fly honey, he quarterback on the football team, School President, most popular kid in school. He got it all man.
Tyrone: Yeah but he gets a little jealous sometimes.
Jamal is a nice dude,
Quarterback of the football team,
School president,
Honour roll student,
Everyone likes him,
That’s for sure,
Everyone want to be like him,
That’s for sure,
But ...

The Benefits of Buying Local Food
Grade 12 Environment Class

Here is a video our class made!
Hi everyone! We are the students of CGR4M; the environment resource management class, and we are so excited to give you all some tips and motivation on how to save our beautiful planet on which we all rely.
First off, did you know that changing your eating habits and consuming locally sourced food, can actually have huge positive impacts on our environment? By doing so and choosing to eat locally sourced food, you are not only supporting your local community but also simultaneously reducing your food miles!
Now, while food miles and air miles certainly ...

The Fate of King Evander
Natasha Mazerolle

The Oracle wasn’t vague with her words.
King Evander, the kind and justly sovereign, was foretold to be slain by his own descendant.
The prediction shook him. Nothing else took up the space in his mind as he left the Oracle’s villa. Or when he rode back on his steed. Or when he returned to his castle. Not even when he sat down to eat dinner.
When he laid down to sleep, his thoughts poked at him like pins with the ponderings of when the last time may be that he lays before he never awakens. His dreams were pervaded with images of ...

Corvus Et Corpus
Natasha Mazerolle

It was a cold day
I stepped off my porch
and into the woods
walking through the foliage
by step
by step
I saw a black crow
next to a dead songbird
ripping out its feathers
by one
by one
Nothing awaited me
so I sat and watched
as it ripped out feathers
another one
by another one
by another one
The crow finally looked at me
Its eyes appeared older than eternity
I nodded in understanding
As time passed by us like the breeze
The crow grabbed its meal
and flew away, leaving nothing but feathers
It left me alone
Probably returning to its home
and so I walked back to mine
by step
by step ...

The Importance Of Being Oscar Wilde
Sejal Joneja

Image credits: Pleming, C. (2014). Classicist’s tour highlights importance of Oxford for Oscar Wilde. [photograph]. Oxford News Blog.
When one talks about English literature and poetry, the name Oscar Wilde doesn’t tend to come up. More often, we hear the names of William Shakespeare and Jane Austen, and while I respect and love Macbeth and Pride and Prejudice, there are some things they don’t offer that Wilde does.
Oscar Wilde was an impressive Irish playwright and poet who lived in London in the 1880’s. He is best known for his story The Picture of Dorian Gray, a novel ...

Suya Joint (African Grill) Review
Jennifer G

I’ve eaten at an African grill and I have to say it is severely underrated. Whenever I go, I usually treat myself to their beef Suya, a dish that can be ordered spicy if you’d like. Now what is Suya? It originated in Nigeria and is a popular street food which is typically pieces of thinly sliced meat with seasonings. There are different types of Suya sold from beef to chicken to goat. Although all the flavours are different they all are extremely delicious. My first experience there, I was in awe. The food was so delicious that when I ...

Accessibility Issues in Canada
Mave Ferri-Pratt

In 2017, a survey on disabilities in Canada found that 22% of Canadians above the age of 15 are disabled. One would think that the Canadian Government would have a more regulated and convenient accessibility policy, yet 73% of disabled Canadians have faced major barriers when trying to use both federal and municipal organizations and businesses across Canada. Additionally, 4.1% of Ontarians (127,240 people) use a mobility aid. This shows that accessibility is a current issue in Canada. Take our school for example: we have no elevator, and all entrances have a staircase either on the outside or inside of ...

One of Us is Lying Book Review

Image credits: (2017). One Of Us Is Lying. [cover art]. Delacorte Press/Random House.
Karen McManus's One of Us is Lying is an engaging murder mystery novel about a murder in a high school where four students are the main suspects. This is her debut novel which was published on May 30th, 2017. Each chapter focuses on a character's point of view and is told from their perspective.
It all starts on a Monday afternoon when five senior students, Simon Kelleher, Bronwyn Rojas, Nate Macauley, Cooper Clay, and Addy Prentiss, arrive in the science lab for detention. Simon goes to ...

Bowman's Crispy Chicken Sandwich — Review Finger, Feedback, Report Back

Rated 5 stars
I have been to Bowman’s restaurant four times in the past year and a half. Every time, I order the same thing: the crispy chicken sandwich. Each time, I find myself craving it more and more. Words cannot describe the majesty of this sandwich. It’s like taking a bite out of the cosmos, as if with every swallow, infinite power flashes before your eyes. If anyone ever asks what is the meaning of the universe, there is only one answer: the crispy chicken sandwich. If you have not tasted it, you have not lived. If you have not ...

Cookie Recipes Collection
Liam P., and Sarah S.

Here are two more recipes from Ms. Hamer’s Grade 10 English Class. These are cookie recipes, perfect for making as an after school snack!
Chocolate Chip Cookies by Liam P.
Snickerdoodle Cookies by Sarah S. ...

Message to Indigenous Artists!
Ms. Samuels

Kwe, she:kon, waciye, aanii, boozhoo, aingai
The NHS community would like to showcase the amazing Indigenous artists at the school! Moving forward we will have a spot to highlight any art an Indigenous student creates in Knightwatch, the student newspaper. This can be done as a special piece once in a while or on a more regular basis. Artists are welcome to submit a clear photo of their creations, as well as a brief explanation of the piece and their name as they would like it displayed with the submission (you may choose to remain anonymous and/or not to ...

November (A Poem)
Grade 9 Student

What is November?
To me
November is…
The soft taste of hard-earned chocolate melting on your tongue
When we leave the ghosts behind, and welcome the winter holidays that have just begun
When the air loses it’s love
Forcing you to find warmth on your own so you pile coats and toques and gloves
When the moon rises before you’re finished with the sun
With Winter Solstice in a month
When reds and oranges and yellows have fallen from the trees
And their barren branches loom with the ground covered in dead debris
When the first snowflake flutters down from the sky
And you smile in awe at your younger brother ...

Essay (A Short Story)
Grade 9 Student

My mind was a blank slate as I touched my rough fingertips to the smooth plastic keyboard. I glanced at the missing letter. A gap in the otherwise perfect device. The letter zed. Not so common that I have to use it often; but common enough that I occasionally feel my pinky darting across the bottom half of my computer towards it.
I still had no ideas for the essay. Tryouts for the school soccer team were tonight, maybe I would find something to write about then? Yeah, I could picture it in my mind now: The ball came hurling ...

Transphobes Stay Off Our Turf: NHS and the Trans Rights Demonstration
Nina Beck

On October 19th 2021, Nepean High School students participated in a counter demonstration to a B.C. transphobe. Chris Elston, known as Billboard Chris on social media, was outside of Nepean, Broadview and Notre Dame. Chris has been travelling across Canada, spreading his opinions on the terrors of gender ideology and gender affirming treatments.
On Monday the 18th of October, there was outrage at Chris’s presence during the beginning and end of the school day. By Monday afternoon, there were large groups of people organizing counter demonstrations to block him from spreading his hateful messages to the young, impressionable minds attending ...

Celebrating Islamic Heritage Month at Nepean High School: An interview with Ms. Ibrahim
Olivia Milley

Despite only being in her first year of teaching at Nepean High School, Ms. Ibrahim has already had an impressive impact on our school community. She founded the Nepean Muslim Student Association (MSA) and has been instrumental in the celebration of Islamic Heritage Month. I talked to her to find out what the MSA does, more about what makes this month important, and how our school is celebrating it.
Ms. Ibrahim told me she started the Muslim Student Association as a space for Muslim students to have a chance to express their beliefs, culture, and religion in a safe and friendly ...

New Metal Idea Drum Set, Drums, Musical Instruments
Jacob Nusbaum

An original song.

Books I’ve Found in Nepean’s Library: Am I Blue?
Nina Beck

The Nepean High School library has a wonderful array of books available to students that a lot of people don’t really know about. The school library has a website that is accessible through the NHS website itself, in there is a link to alexandria, an online database of all the books in the nepean library. Alexandria is great, and not just because of the excellent name choice, it lets you browse books easily and find works that could be helpful for school or just for recreational reading without having to browse shelves for a long time (not that that isn’t ...

Fall Photography
Nicholas Ficara

Enjoy these images I took this fall during tech class! ...

The Ballad Of A Very Confusing Afternoon
Natasha Mazerolle

On a Thursday, the sun shone bright,
A cool breeze drifted through the air.
The students sat in their school,
A half hour left, they could hardly bear.
A loud screech ripped into ears
And all of the students stood.
They walked outside calmly,
They did what they should.
For autumn, it was too hot.
The day felt rather wry.
It felt worse when a cop
And a fire truck stopped by.
The students blocked the road,
A woman was trapped.
The crowd parted like a river,
Then everyone clapped.
In front of the school,
Something zany was on display.
For an old woman had hit someone’s car
And then drove away.
Finally, the event reached its end.
The students ...

Sophie Milley

A collection of photos. ...

Fall Recipes Collection
Brianna L., Sophie M., and Alex P.

The first assignment of Ms. Hamer’s Grade 10 English Class was to create a procedural text. Many students chose to write recipes which are perfect for making during the cozy fall season. Let us know if you try any of them!
Apple Strudel Muffins by Brianna L.
Raspberry Scones by Sophie M.
Chomeur Pudding by Alex P. ...

Kids TV Tier List
Sebastien Davidson

All ratings are objective fact, also I haven’t seen all kids TV so cut me some slack.
S - Tier:
A - Tier:
B - Tier:
C - Tier:
D - Tier:
F - Tier: ...

Untitled Haikus
Grade 10 Student

three lines say so much
freedom found within the limits
somehow less is more
the fan is too loud
soft words surrender their shape
to the rush of air
it seems so foolish
to cherish ink on paper
yet you are precious
posters fill my class
their garish colours wound my eyes
i prefer blank walls ...

A Visit From The Sluagh
Natasha Mazerolle

The cold breeze was the first shocking thing that night. The Equinox had come and gone, chilling the earth and blackening the sky in the early hours of the night. The emerald leaves bled yellow and red, the most sure sign that Autumn was arriving.
There was nothing wrong with that of course, many people love the season. Several adore the liminal time of the year, how the transition has a certain vibe to it no other season can match. The feeling of knowing something sits in the air, just beyond our touch.
For the inhabitants of Oak Grove, that was only ...

Biking to the Falls
Ella Zubec

A collection of photos. ...

The Pernicious Prolonged Problematic Pandemic
Grade 12 Student

Remember March 2020? I'm sure you do. It was the moment the world changed as we know it.
Three days before March break: there was one thing on everyone’s mind. This new virus called Sars Cov-2, Covid-19 from Wuhan, China, was making its way through the media. There were discussions about whether or not they would extend our March break. The news was broken on Thursday, two days before the break would start. They made the decision to extend it by an extra two weeks. Which would mean we would be back on April 5th. Back to school like normal, right? ...

Fall Photos
Noiya Katell

A collection of photos. ...

Spongebob and Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants
Khanh Nguyen

Painting, acrylic on canvas. ...

Students Reflect on Homes: A Refugee Story
Ms. Hamer’s Grade 10 English Class

Students in Ms. Hamer’s Grade 10 English class read Homes: A Refugee Story by Abu Bakr al Rabeeah and Winnie Yeung. They also listened to parts of the audiobook, narrated by Ali Momen. This book tells the true story of the al Rabeeah family’s journey from Iraq to Syria, and ultimately, to Canada, and explores the issues of childhood disrupted by war, and the strength and resilience of family in overcoming the effects of displacement.
After finishing the book, students reflected on the impact of the book, how it had deepened their understanding of the experiences of immigrants and refugees, ...

The Girls With The Same Name
Grade 9 Student

There were girls with the same name
And they ran through the rain
Their feet patted quietly
Their voices echoed loudly
With the same name, two girls ran
Under the quiet night they rant
The cool misty night
The deafening street lights
The smell of dew
I knew
For the world may suck
I can see its beauty
Rain symbolises sadness
And it's then I see clearly
When the sky screams
They can’t hear, so I speak
When the world is inside
So I am alone
I needn’t to hide
Because it’s heaven I see
When I dance in the rain
Because it’s hell I feel
When rain dances in me
Rain can be painful
When filled with bitter emotion
What we do when we’re ...

Only a Small Motion
Grade 9 Student

A drop of water makes a ripple in the ocean
A soft breeze
And comes falling a beautiful leaf
A small motion
Isn’t it crazy
How much power we hold?
Only few words told
Yet a kind person now they see
A word
To a smile
A smile
Can mean the world
Isn’t it scary
How much power we hold?
Some things should have been left untold
Yet still a kind person they see
A word
To a frown
A frown
Can change the world
A drop of water makes a ripple in the ocean
A soft breeze
And comes falling a dead leaf
Only a small motion ...

Back to School – Nepean Students Have Mixed Feelings
Hugh Kelly

Nepean High School students have been back in classrooms for a few weeks now, with kids and teachers adjusting to yet another new system for learning. I talked to students to hear their thoughts on returning to school, the current restrictions and their experiences so far in classes. Overwhelmingly, they said things are “better than last year,” but, unfortunately, that was a low bar to pass.
We are now back to a semester model, meaning students have four courses until February, when everyone gets a new four. However, there are only two classes a day, both lasting 2.5 hours. To ...