Television Review: Middleditch and Schwartz
Grade 12 Student

Middleditch and Schwarts is a Netflix comedy special with three episodes, each about forty-five minutes long. I’m not quite sure if that counts as a TV show, but who cares: it’s truly top-quality entertainment.
The show is performed by two outstanding comedians, Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz. What makes it different from other comedy specials is that the entire show is improvised, meaning the two actors have not planned anything beforehand. Nothing is scripted, so everything they say is made up on the spot.
At the beginning of each episode, Thomas and Ben ask the audience for an important event that has ...

Serena Manouchehri’s Student Film
Nina Beck

Nepean is host to so many talented young artists. One of these students is Serena Manouchehri, a Grade 11 student who recently finished writing and directing her debut short film.
The film, “The Movie Theatre” is, as Serena puts it, about four teenagers who go into a movie theatre and after falling asleep, their worst fears come to life on screen.
Serena was inspired in the midst of COVID-19 to write a script involving memories and self reflection. Those concepts spent a long time going through various drafts and eventually evolving into what became the movie.
Once finished the ...

Town Hall Editorial
Serena Manouchehri

This month, the Nepean Student Council (StudCo) decided to host a town hall in the auditorium so that students could voice their different opinions and thoughts about events that are coming up. This meeting allowed the StudCo to be more transparent with the student community about the changes that would take place. The plan is for the town hall to happen once a month. Students can follow the StudCo Instagram page to see when these meetings will occur. It is highly recommended for individuals to attend these town halls to participate and stay informed about school events.
Due to COVID-19, ...

Hey NHS! What Do You Think About the New Semester?
Ella Zubec

Almost two months into the second semester, students at NHS have had plenty of time to adapt to this new system. Instead of the alternated semestered system that OCDSB was previously using, students have returned to four classes a day which is the way high school ran before the pandemic. But is it a change that NHS students agree with?
“I think it’s more stressful,” said Julianne, our grade nine representative. She noted the increase in workload, which coincided with the decrease in class time to work on assignments. “A lot of my friends have had to quit sports after school.”
For ...

Book Review: all about love: New Visions
Nina Beck

In an ever persistent quest to diversify my book shelf, acclaimed author, feminist, and social activist bell hooks has been on my to-be-read list for some time now. Gloria Jean Watkins, known by her pen name ‘bell hooks,’ was a Black american author known for her works regarding love, race, class, gender, art, history, sexuality, mass media, and feminism. She passed away in December 2021 at the age of sixty-nine, having written around forty books in her lifetime.
I recently picked up one of these books, all about love. The first thing that I noticed was the sheer lack of capital ...

NHS Presents Our Favourite Black Authors
Multiple authors

This is a collection of books written by Black authors, each one recommended by a Nepean student or staff member. The slideshow was assembled by our librarian, Ms. MacKechnie, who has been posting one of these recommendations on her Instagram page each day for the month of February. Many of the books are available now in the Nepean library. ...

Book Review: Born a Crime
Kate Y.

Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime is a must read for many reasons. His narration showcases his unique perspective of a childhood influenced by Apartheid and a much broader view of the many different cultures and societies of South Africa. Trevor shares his story, one that was never easy to live, with his own kind of humour. This is part of what makes this book appealing for many readers. Because, though he addresses many serious issues, such as the racism and violence that he witnessed and experienced from a young age, he doesn’t dwell on these things in anger or ...

Book Review: When You Were Everything
Ava Bennett

The novel When You Were Everything by Black American author Ashley Woodfolk is a must-read as it perfectly encapsulates the grueling reality of losing a friend. Friendship breakups can be just as, if not more heartbreaking than one in a romantic relationship. Cleo is left in shambles after she and her best friend Layla decide to no longer be friends and you really feel it with her. Ashley Woodfolk does a great job at portraying the raw emotions that you feel can’t be put into words while experiencing this. You’ll find yourself wanting to laugh, cry and yell, putting yourself ...

Book Review: Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina
Hannah McIntosh

Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina by Michaela DePrince is a must-read because Michaela Deprince is very admirable and relatable. It will make you want to cry both tears of sadness and tears of joy and the memoir can serve as a window and a mirror. Michaela Deprince is very admirable and relatable at the same time. Michaela went through so much when she was living in Sierra Leone, but her experiences in the United States are relatable to many people. She is inspiring because of how hard she worked and how resilient she is. This book ...

Book Review: The Field Guide to the North American Teenager
Kyle L.

​The ​​Field Guide to the North American Teenager is a great book that teaches you about first impressions. It is written by Ben Philippe, a Black French Canadian just like Norris Kaplan, the main character. This book is a must-read because Norris is very admirable. He may start out in this new city with no one he knows, but he develops an understanding for the city and its people. Most people in the world take a first impression and stick with it for their life, but Norris gave Austin, Texas a second chance. This makes him admirable, and a role ...

Book Review: Call Us What We Carry
Ella Zubec

In December of 2021, the United States’s first ever National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, released her poetry collection titled Call Us What We Carry. The book includes personal reflections on how she weathered COVID-19, like the poem “School’s Out,” which puts a powerful spin on losing your graduation, or “Coda in Code” which gives readers a feel for what it is like to try and comprehend the world with an auditory processing disorder. Additionally, she described the pandemic’s impact on marginalized communities across the globe. Ms. Gorman does a great job of touching on so many key impacts of ...

Book Review: The Vanishing Half
Serena Manouchehri

Here is a short summary of the novel, quoted from the author, Brit Bennett:
“The Vignes twin sisters will always be identical. But after growing up together in a small, southern Black community and running away at age sixteen, it's not just the shape of their daily lives that is different as adults, it's everything: their families, their communities, their racial identities. Many years later, one sister lives with her Black daughter in the same southern town she once tried to escape. The other secretly passes for white, and her white husband knows nothing of her past. Still, even separated by ...

Book Review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Nina Beck

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid, published in 2017 is a fan favourite of BookTok. A historical fiction of Old Hollywood in the style of a tell-all biography about the life of movie star Evelyn Hugo, it was written by a previously unknown journalist and is bound to grasp people's attention, myself included.
I’m not always one for romance novels but this one held onto me for all 400 pages. Jenkins Reid’s writing style struck me as unique. Using alternating first person point of views between Evelyn Hugo and her biographer, Evelyn’s life story unfolds divided by ...

The Nepean Playlist Vol. 2 (Sad Songs Edition)
Hugh Kelly and Kevin Pham

Here is the playlist on Spotify!
We’re back! In November, we asked students to send us their three favourite songs of any kind, which were combined into this incredible playlist. This time, we challenged them to pick their favourite sad songs, so that the playlist would have one coherent theme.
Altogether, the mixtape is over four hours long, with sixty-four tracks by fifty-five artists. Once you are mentally prepared for some strong emotions, you can listen to the playlist on Spotify using the link at the top of this article.
We used an online playlist analyzer to sort the songs by their “happiness ...

Book Review: The Sun is Also a Star
Rachel Brennan

The Sun is Also a Star by Jamaican-American author Nicola Yoon is amazing, suspenseful, engaging, and it really makes you think. I believe that one major reason you should read this book is because of the writing style. Nicola Yoon has written this book so well. She uses expressive language, powerful imagery and describes everything so well. Even though the novel covers the events of only a single day, I never got bored reading it. In fact, I couldn’t put it down. Another reason this book is a must-read is because the characters are teenagers, so they are so relatable. ...

Book Review: Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline
Kailash R.

What do you get when you combine a thrilling plot, action, Métis culture, and a bit of romance? You get Métis author Cherie Dimaline’s Empire of Wild. This book is a must read for everyone. With a vast variety of topics and themes, not only is it perfect for everybody, it is an inspirational story which might just open your mind. Not only that but, it has incredible complexity in the characters. Most characters of importance are well rounded and each one introduces both admirable, and not so admirable qualities which further allows a person to feel like they ...

And the winner is...
Multiple students

Grade 9 English students participated in a fierce, but friendly Battle of the Books competition. Each student read a book of their choice by a diverse author and created a video book trailer and a pitch to convince their audience that their book is a must-read.
The competition lasted a full week in December, with a different group of students promoting their books each day. In addition to their trailer and pitch, panelists shared information about their book’s characters, conflict, theme, and an important quotation. At the end of each round, everyone voted for the book they most wanted to ...

Techies Take Note!
Adriana Cule

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Nepean? Behind the curtains of the school productions, before assemblies, during fun events like Coffee House and talent shows? The answer to that is NTEK: a group of students, led by the amazing Mr. Carter. With weekly meetings at lunch to expand learning about microphones, basic sound systems, and lighting, NTEK is a very hands-on class. It lasts year long since it doesn’t take up any class time and even earns you a credit. The inclusive atmosphere allows for students of any grade level to come together and learn ...

Book Review: Fake I.D. by Lamar Giles
Rami Badran

Here is my project!

Lamar Giles is an African-American who started writing books at the age of 14. He wrote a book called Fake I.D. which is a murder mystery adventure that takes place in a small town called Stepton. This book draws your attention and takes you deep in a scary and adventurous murder mystery. This book has a mafia behind this crime and sadly Nick’s dad was a part of his friends murder. Devastating. Nick spends his days searching and risking his life to find the criminals that killed his friend. Talking about friends, he couldn't trust anybody after ...

Film Review: Ghostbusters (1984)

Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz and Egon Spegler work at Columbia University as parapsychologists who didn’t have enough funding from the university for conducting their experiments. They set up shop as a ghost removal service in New York City where terrified customers call on their service. A dead Gozer Worshiper erected a downtown apartment building which could potentially end all humanity by bringing to life the Hittite god Gozer. They stumble upon another dimension that has evil intentions and the mayor needs their help to save the city.
The film is rated PG incorporating the adventure, fantasy and comedy genre and it ...

Film Review: Venom: Let There Be Carnage
William Haslett

If it’s a rainy day or you’re just looking for something to do, you’re probably going to go see a movie. I would too as it’s a great way to spend a miserable day or a brisk evening. The theatres always have a wide variety of movies, some good, some bad. Few are bad; however, those that are, are made very obvious. One of which is Sony’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage. This movie was a complete and utter waste of my and my family's time. Not one of us enjoyed it.

S&G Fries and Burgers Review
Khalid Filali

If you’ve ever gone out for lunch during school, you’ve probably passed by S&G Fries and Burgers, the shack right beside the Produce Depot. For the past three years I’ve been at Nepean High School and I always passed by, but I never bought anything. I recently decided to take a chance and try out what is so highly regarded by students at Nepean.
S&G Fries has the typical “shack menu”: fries, poutine, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken fingers, along with egg rolls from the Golden Bowl. I chose to get a small poutine.
I received my order very quickly, and ...

Sushi Kan Review
Olivia Milley

Rated 9.0 on Skip the Dishes, Sushi Kan boasts a plentiful menu of over a hundred and fifty different options. On top of sushi, they also serve other Japanese and Korean dishes, so if you’re not a fan of raw fish, there are many other items that will surely appeal to you, from soups, to tempura (deep fried meat, fish or vegetables), to noodles, and a variety of other foods. My personal favourites to order include salmon and avocado rolls, edamame soybeans, calamari, miso soup, and salmon sashimi. When I eat at the restaurant I always order the mango ice ...

The Nepean Playlist Vol. 1
Hugh Kelly and Kevin Pham

Here is the playlist on Spotify!
It’s currently November, a somewhat dreary time of the year. We at Knightwatch wanted to give people a little bit of excitement, and get them involved in something fun and unique. So we asked students a simple question: What are your three favorite songs right now?
We got a stupendous response: one-hundred and twenty five songs, which combine to make one incredible eight hour playlist. You can listen to it right now on Spotify, using the link at the top of this article.
The most remarkable thing about this collection is the sheer variety of genres, styles, ...

Suya Joint (African Grill) Review
Jennifer G

I’ve eaten at an African grill and I have to say it is severely underrated. Whenever I go, I usually treat myself to their beef Suya, a dish that can be ordered spicy if you’d like. Now what is Suya? It originated in Nigeria and is a popular street food which is typically pieces of thinly sliced meat with seasonings. There are different types of Suya sold from beef to chicken to goat. Although all the flavours are different they all are extremely delicious. My first experience there, I was in awe. The food was so delicious that when I ...

One of Us is Lying Book Review

Image credits: (2017). One Of Us Is Lying. [cover art]. Delacorte Press/Random House.
Karen McManus's One of Us is Lying is an engaging murder mystery novel about a murder in a high school where four students are the main suspects. This is her debut novel which was published on May 30th, 2017. Each chapter focuses on a character's point of view and is told from their perspective.
It all starts on a Monday afternoon when five senior students, Simon Kelleher, Bronwyn Rojas, Nate Macauley, Cooper Clay, and Addy Prentiss, arrive in the science lab for detention. Simon goes to ...

Bowman's Crispy Chicken Sandwich — Review Finger, Feedback, Report Back

Rated 5 stars
I have been to Bowman’s restaurant four times in the past year and a half. Every time, I order the same thing: the crispy chicken sandwich. Each time, I find myself craving it more and more. Words cannot describe the majesty of this sandwich. It’s like taking a bite out of the cosmos, as if with every swallow, infinite power flashes before your eyes. If anyone ever asks what is the meaning of the universe, there is only one answer: the crispy chicken sandwich. If you have not tasted it, you have not lived. If you have not ...

Books I’ve Found in Nepean’s Library: Am I Blue?
Nina Beck

The Nepean High School library has a wonderful array of books available to students that a lot of people don’t really know about. The school library has a website that is accessible through the NHS website itself, in there is a link to alexandria, an online database of all the books in the nepean library. Alexandria is great, and not just because of the excellent name choice, it lets you browse books easily and find works that could be helpful for school or just for recreational reading without having to browse shelves for a long time (not that that isn’t ...

Kids TV Tier List
Sebastien Davidson

All ratings are objective fact, also I haven’t seen all kids TV so cut me some slack.
S - Tier:
A - Tier:
B - Tier:
C - Tier:
D - Tier:
F - Tier: ...

The Pernicious Prolonged Problematic Pandemic
Grade 12 Student

Remember March 2020? I'm sure you do. It was the moment the world changed as we know it.
Three days before March break: there was one thing on everyone’s mind. This new virus called Sars Cov-2, Covid-19 from Wuhan, China, was making its way through the media. There were discussions about whether or not they would extend our March break. The news was broken on Thursday, two days before the break would start. They made the decision to extend it by an extra two weeks. Which would mean we would be back on April 5th. Back to school like normal, right? ...